Company Overview

The Team

Gael Lee – Copywriter / Editor / Proofreader / Project Manager
Katherine Krummert - Editor / Proofreader / Assistant Project Manager
Tan Puei San - Graphic Designer
Alicia Tan - Graphic Designer
Terence Lee - Web Architect

Gael Lee

Gael read her first Enid Blyton book at age 7 and was producing her own newsletter when she was 13. Aspiring to be a journalist, she stumbled into the world of book publishing by accident when responding to a job ad for a junior editor at a local publishing house

Before she knew it, book publishing became her passion and her life. She spent nine years working with both local and international book publishers. Companies she worked with included Graham Brash (Pte) Ltd and John Wiley and Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd, the Asian arm of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. She ran the publishing department at Graham Brash and helped publish a number of books that made it to local best-seller lists. She joined the publishing arm of Wiley's Asian setup in its infancy and helped establish the finance list successfully. Her role in both companies saw her making trips to Frankfurt and New York as part of her publishing rights management portfolio.

Gael started moonlighting as a freelance copywriter while still at her day job and discovered that she loved it so much that she was willing to give it all up to start BONYFish where she could combine both book publishing and copywriting to have the best of both worlds.

Katherine Krummert

Katherine is an editor and proofreader by profession. She has extensive experience marketing bank investment and planning services to affluent clientele. She has worked in the financial industry, the nonprofit world (both as grantmaker on the private side and grantseeker/ manager on the nonprofit side) and general business. Since coming to Singapore a few years ago, she has worked with a number of publishers and non-profit organisations in an editorial and project management capacity.

Tan Puei San

Puei San always knew she wanted to be a graphic designer so it was no surprise that she plunged into the design world after graduating from a local design school. Projects she has worked on include below-the-line projects for Sony, UPS and Sheraton Hotels. Combining an innate fashion sense of the latest and most hip trends with a firm grasp of the client's needs, she delivers designs and layouts to meet all tastes and budgets. Puei San works on the full range of publications from annual reports to magazines, newsletters, newspaper ads, brochures and DMs.

Alicia Tan

Like Puei San, Alicia found out early on in life that she was made to be a designer. Strong on concepts, she comes up with very unique design and advertising concepts that will leave a deep impression on all. Her creativity is put to good use in designing candy wrappers as well as drinks packaging for various well-known brands. Besides packaging, her expertise spans the full range of print publications like book jackets, coffee table books, annual reports, DMs, bus guides, newspaper ads etc.

Terence Lee – Web architect

Terence bought his first gadget, the Apple IIE, when he was 13. At a time when most boys were playing marbles or kicking a football, Terence was already doing basic programming with his computer.

With his knowledge of html and programming, Terence uploaded his first homepage in 1993. He has not looked back since. What started out as a hobby became a passion and he upgraded himself by learning Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, FrontPage, PHP, and javascript. BONYFish’s website was designed by Terence who will be making improvements and adding new features from time to time.

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