Why bonyfish?

The first reaction from our clients when we tell them our company name is bonyfish is a question: "Why bonyfish?" 

A fish when thrown into the water will swim rather than sink. A fish will follow the tide and ride out the underwater currents. Just like a fish, our company is nimble and adaptable to the changing market conditions. We are flexible and will accommodate our clients' needs. Moreover, "fish" in Chinese is "yu" which sounds like the word for "abundance". 

And why bony? A bony fish, as opposed to a fat fish, is hungry and is willing to take risks for food. A bony fish will probably swim faster than a fat fish and is representative of the potential to grow to a fat fish. Our company is hungry for opportunities and willing to take risks in order to work with our clients. Being small, we have less red tape and approval levels so client response is faster. In time, we hope to grow into a formidable big fish.







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