About bonyfish training solutions

At bonyfish, we believe in life-long learning - that you are never too young or too old to pick up new skills. We provide training solutions in communications and other basic soft skills to a variety of clients:

  • associations
  • corporations
  • clubs
  • schools (photos)
  • specific industries
  • working professionals (photos)
  • young adults
  • children (photos)

Instead of programmes with new buzzwords and groundbreaking management theories, our focus is on honing basic skills and helping our clients forge a firm foundation in communications and other soft skills. We believe with a firm foundation, anything else is possible.

Our trainers hail from a number of educational and industrial backgrounds including:

  • Social work and psychology
  • Linguistics
  • Advertising
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Financial Markets & Banking

As professionals with broad experience, our facilitators are equally comfortable amongst management level, mid-level and junior executives, as well as all ages of students, from undergrads to young children.


If you are interested in how bonyfish can help with customized solutions for your training needs, please call or e-mail:

Gael Lee
Training Manager
Tel: 68385280
E-mail: info@bonyfish.com




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